Weekly re-cap

(April 11 – April 17)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles and feet, pressure on my bladder when I walk around, leg pain.

Body changes: The newest development is that I keep bumping my big bump into things — counters, doorways, etc. — because I mis-gauge the distance. Must learn to be more careful!

Belly button: Still in (barely) and very small/wrinkled. Feels kind of smooshy around the perimeter of it, which I think is new?

Baby movement: More squirming and shifting (especially against my right side), but he’s getting so big that I can see him clearly though my skin — like on Tuesday, when I saw the huge baseball-type form. I have taken to leaving my shirt up above my belly when I watch TV at night, so I can look down and see the contortions — so cool!
What’s new? Darling Husband has been really loving that he can press on my stomach and feel where the baby is, and where the baby isn’t. Can’t believe there was a time that I was in hysterics because he never got to feel any movement!

Energy level: Low. I’m trying not to over-exert myself because of the oh-so-low blood pressure.

Baby preparations: Pre-washed and dried the diapers four times (last time will be today). So excited to put them in the diaper drawer and have it all ready!
Cravings: Trying to buy every single item in the bakery section of the grocery store. It’s probably best that I leave the shopping exclusively to Darling Husband.
High point: Going to our labour and delivery class yesterday (more on that soon!), and feeling much more confident about the whole scary “birth” thing.

Low point: Anxiety over work (again). Four weeks left, four weeks left.

So what do you think?

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