How grown-up are we?

Friday, April 16, 2010

32 weeks, 5 days pregnant
A few weeks ago, for some strange reason, riding the bus to work reminded me that Darling Husband and I really needed to make wills.
Maybe it was the BAD DRIVING by the EVIL DRIVER or the TREACHEROUS POTHOLES that made me think of death? Ugh, anyway.
Apparently, you need to make a will before you have a baby because it’s very important to name a guardian, should anything happen to both me and Darling Husband. I thought of this months ago, and it vanished from my head in a whirl of Omigod-I’m-preggo-ness.
But we made the appointments and went through the proper steps. We are now both proud owners (owners?) of …
  • A last will and testament
  • A living will
  • A power of attorney
Our wills are basically carbon copies of each other’s, except mine leaves everything to Darling Husband, and his leaves everything to me. Oh, and my executor is Best Friend, and his executor is his brother.
The important part — that part that is basically the reason for doing it — is that both our wills state that Little Sis gets Baby Boy (and any future kids) should anything happen to both of us. We feel very strongly that she is the best choice, and I feel much better knowing that it’s official.
The living will is an extra item that basically says we don’t want to be vegetables in a hospital bed for 20 years. We both agree that we wouldn’t want to put each other through that.
The power of attorney is something I hadn’t even heard of, but basically it is sort of like a living will. It gives Darling Husband the power to make decisions for me, if I’m unable to make them myself — and vice versa. Sounded like a good idea.
If you’re considering getting this stuff done, it really is a good idea. It cost us $310 total for everything — so I assume it would be half that for just one person? However, this lawyer was working in a bit of a dive, so perhaps he is cheaper than most?
So now, we are armed with six neat little envelopes — one document per envelope, three documents per person — that determine all of these important legal decisions. What do we do with them? Well, we’re going to the bank tonight to get a shared safety deposit box for them.
So grown-up, huh?

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