Not Me Monday: Presents edition

Monday, March 22, 2010

29 weeks, 1 day pregnant

  • I did not come home from my baby shower and arrange all of my lovely gifts in a pile on the living room carpet — with a very gleeful me in the middle
  • I did not proceed to immediately begin taking things out of the packaging and cutting off tags, in a flurry of eagerness
  • I did not wash two loads of baby-stuff laundry, because I was so excited to put the mattress and cover and sheets on the crib
  • I was not unreasonably sad when I lifted the dripping mattress cover from the washer and read the words “Hang to dry” — dashing my hopes of making up the crib that night
  • I am not DYING to go home tonight, after work, and dive into the pile of sweet Baby Boy outfits (and begin the process of cutting off tags, washing, drying and folding them).
  • I totally don’t expect to wash and re-wash everything several times before Baby Boy comes, because it’s all so damn cute

So what do you think?

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