Never thought that in a million years …

Friday, March 12, 2010
27 weeks, 5 days pregnant
I’ve been listening to Nicolette Larson’s Sleep Baby Sleep album a lot lately, while I’m washing dishes or working on the nursery. It’s beautiful and calming, and I hope Baby Boy can hear it in there, too. I plan on playing it for him a lot.
Lately I find myself playing this song over and over again. I’m a lyrics junkie, and these ones are absolutely perfect …
Starlight, Starbright
by Nicolette Larson

Never thought that in a million years
Never thought that you would come to me
You’re the answers to a million prayers
You’re the apple of my eye

I can hear you breathing next to me
Just how lucky can one person be?
I am looking at a mystery
Everything I dream, more than I can wish for

Starlight starbright, all day all night
I will be right next to you
Here forever, I will never leave
I will never leave …

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