Welcome to Week 28

Sunday, March 7, 2010

27 weeks pregnant!
Beginning Week 28
What’s up this week? Well, I have another visit with my OBGYN this week, the lovely Dr. L.
She always asks me if I have questions, and I never really do. This week, though, I’m going prepared! I’m going to ask three important questions …
  • Can you recommend a pediatrician? I would like someone who specializes in babies and kids to care for Baby Boy, rather than my (or Darling Husband’s) GP.
  • Who do we approach about getting Baby Boy circumcised? I know, I know — it goes in and out of style, and currently the “style” is to not circumcise boys. A lot of doctors won’t even do it, so we realize that it might not be Dr. L. who does it. But Darling Husband and I feel strongly that our boy should be done, because … well, like father, like son!
  • When do my appointments become bi-weekly? Ever since my first preggo doctor visits, I have been going every four weeks like clockwork. I’ve heard that sometime in your third trimester, you switch to bi-weekly appointments. And then, at 36 weeks or so, you switch to weekly visits. So I want to know if I’m heading back in Week 30, or waiting four weeks as usual, until Week 32. Wow, that sounds so far long! Eek!
But enough about me! Here’s what happening with Baby Boy this week:

Baby’s size: He weighs approximately two pounds 4 ounces (a whole kilogram!), and measures about 15 inches long.

Development: He’s busy developing millions of neurons in his brain. What a smart cookie!

Appearance: His testes are descending this week (how weird is it that there are balls inside of me???), and he’s working on plumping up for his big arrival.

So what do you think?

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