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Friday, March 5, 2010

26 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Felt my first, honest-to-goodness baby kicks — from the outside — on Wednesday night!
I couldn’t feel an actual defined foot, but I could feel him moving around beneath my skin (ew, that sounds kind of creepy) when I pressed my hands against my stomach. I have heard other preggos describe movements as “turning” and “rolling,” but I haven’t been able to determine that yet — it’s all just “movement” and “kicks” to me.
He was being really active, and I flipped up my tank top and sweatshirt to see if I could see the movements, but I think the bright light of the lamp surprised him — remember, his eyes are open now! — because he stopped suddenly.
Last night, I was watching Survivor: Heroes vs. Villainsdon’t judge — with my hands resting on my stomach. Out of nowhere, Baby Boy moved so suddenly that I dropped the remote in surprise. I think it spooked Little Dog, too.
Speaking of Little Dog, she seems to know something is up. Dogs always do. She still climbs all over me, as only a little nine-pounder can do, but she is very, very careful not to step on my stomach anymore. Sometimes I see her staring at it, and I start excitedly telling her “Baby Brother’s in there!” and “Baby Brother’s coming to live with us!”
She looks skeptical — and sometimes even worried — but I have promised her that she is the only one of our babies who will always get to sleep in our bed. So now I think she feels superior to Baby Boy, since he’ll (eventually) be stuck in his own room. Ah, sibling rivalry.
So glad today is Friday, and that Darling Husband has some time off this weekend — I can’t wait for him to feel his son moving around for the first time!

One Comment on “Get your kicks

  1. Exciting! Darling Husband should write a guest post when he feels the baby move, to tell us all about it! 🙂


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