Double digits

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

26 weeks, 3 days pregnant
There are only 95 days — give or take — until Baby Boy arrives. I can’t believe we’re down to double-digits!
So how are we doing, preparation-wise? Here’s where we stand on our getting-ready-for-baby goals (as set out back in December):
  • Nursery cleared out, holes patched, etc. (by January 31)
  • Find out the sex of the baby (February 2)
  • Begin planning gender-specific nursery (February 3)
  • Register for baby stuff (by February 28)
  • Buy smaller desk for Darling Husband and relocate his computer to the living room (by February 28)
  • Move my laptop desk to the bedroom (by February 28)
  • Start picking up nice, used baby clothes (March 1)
  • Start working on nursery (March 1)
  • Attend baby shower (late March)
  • Pick up any items we still need (by May 1)
  • Nursery finished (by May 1)
It looks like we have accomplished a lot, and we have. Since finding out the sex — and getting to begin decorating — I was moving on overdrive. Gotta love that second trimester energy!
However, my energy level is now totally waning, and having less than 100 days left is making me a little antsy about getting everything done. Seeing how I seem to feel a little worse every day, I’m eager to get the nursery done, so I can relax and focus on smaller, fun OPTIONAL projects (if I have the energy).
It’s weird how “three months left” sounds like a long time, but “95 days left” seems super-quick, isn’t it?

2 Comments on “Double digits

  1. 95 days definitely sounds like it will fly by, but you guys sound so ready!

    Do you have any tips on Canadian baby registries?


  2. We registered at Sears, and we've been pretty happy with it. Registering in-store kind of sucks (slow employees, dinosaur-age scanners, etc.) but the website makes it much easier.


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