Weekly re-cap

(Oct. 5 to Oct. 11)

Symptoms: Bloating, heightened sense of smell, nauseous (but not throwing up),

Body changes: Very bloated. Boobs are larger and sore. Rounder face???

Cravings: I think hash browns with ketchup are my first official craving.

Loved chowing down on: Hash browns with ketchup, club soda and orange juice.

Could not stomach: Pizza that Darling Husband ordered — smell made me feel sick.

High point: Going shopping for maternity stuff. Made everything seem so real!

Low point: Seeing the condo in shambles, as I have had minimal energy to clean

Paranoid moment of the week: A trip to the emergency room that turned out to be unnecessary — to be explained in an upcoming post.

Weird moment of the week: Realizing my jeans are uncomfortable because of the bloat. No idea if it will go down before I start to “show” or if this is it. Looking forward to trying the new stretchy band.

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