This is the day we … what? What am I supposed to be doing?

Totally obvious realization: there are only so many minutes in a day.

Remember my days-of-the-week cleaning schedule — with built-in rewards like time for painting and facial-masking?

Well, it did not go so well. Let’s revisit last week, shall we?

Monday: Laundry … and Date Night with Darling Husband. We did no laundry.
Ironingand painting We did go for a run, though!
Wednesday: Vacuuming/sweepingand Spa Night* I worked late. Joy, joy.
Thursday: Mendingand craft night with the girls Worked late again. Arrrrgghh!
Friday: Clean the bathroomsand sewing Caught up on the week’s TV and painted my nails
Saturday: Grocery-shopping … and scrapbooking Cleaned. Played Sims 3.
Sunday: Cooking/baking … and nail-painting Reading marathon

Looking at this list, I feel like a slacker. But that list doesn’t take into account the whole getting-up-at-dawn-to-write-for-two-hours thing. That makes me feel better.

This week, I haven’t been working (too) late, but I still haven’t stuck to the schedule! I played cards with Darling Husband on Monday, went for a run on Tuesday, cooked and watched TV last night, and will most likely crash in front of my DVRed America’s Next Top Model episode tonight.

I think I have learned a valuable lesson in overscheduling. Doing all of my chores on Saturday really isn’t that bad — and apparently I’m not capable of doing more during the week, but I’m OK with that.

I guess there is a reason that rhyme is no longer in fashion — who has the time?

One Comment on “This is the day we … what? What am I supposed to be doing?

  1. LOL Well, it's good to have goals to work towards even if they don't all get done. ;0P

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!! =)


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