I visited someone’s home today and there was a baby in the kitchen!

Of course, I wasn’t there to converse with the baby — unfortunately — but I did secret-stalk her like mad, since I have not had much experience with very young babies.
Here’s what I can remember from the Close Encounter of the Cute Kind:
  • I am apparently not good at judging baby sizes. When I first saw her, I silently figured she was three or four months. She was five weeks. Oops.
  • She seemed … um, hunchbacked? No, that’s not quite it. I just figured babies were a bit straighter. This cutie looked like she had no bones in her body — just a squooshy little thing in a sleeper.
  • She made noises like a person. I thought babies were either silent or crying. Nope. This one made little “AhAH”-type shreeches and sounds like she was really trying to say things.
  • She cried when she got her hair wet in her plastic bathtub.
  • She enjoyed her bath once the hair-washing was done. Again, she was kind of slumped over as her mom held onto her and scrubbed her.
  • She got the hiccups, and it was freaking adorable. It sounded literally like bubbles being popped.
  • She cried off and on for the whole hour I was there. It was not a good sound, and I can see why it drives parents crazy. When the mom stepped out of the kitchen for a second — leaving the baby there — I had to force myself not to run in. It was that hard to resist.
  • She only stopped crying when her mom put her in a carseat and rocked her in it.
  • While she was rocking, the baby would stop crying and stare at the handle of the carseat — like it was fascinating. The mom said she always does this.
  • Right before we left, the mom said she was taking her out for a walk in the stroller. She explained that she only had “a small window” of time before the baby needed to be fed again, and she wanted her to nap first — hence, the stroller. I thought this was interesting — the baby didn’t seem to want to sleep, but the mom knew she should, so was going to do something to make her sleep. I guess you don’t want a cranky baby!

So what do you think?

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