Makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice

I had a reader request to explain my handy-dandy grocery shopping lists, so I thought I would share them with you.
I just created these templates a month ago, but they’ve been lifesavers so far. It has helped me save money, stop wasting food, and we never have to run out for a couple of missed items.
First, I write out my meal plan for the week. On the meals where I know we’ll be eating out or having dinner elsewhere — Mom’s, Darling Husband’s parents, etc. — I put a big X through that meal.
In the “Prepare” section I can easily see what I have to cook that night for the next day. So on the nights where I’m working late, have a condo board meeting, etc., I know that only have time to prepare something quick.

Once I’m happy with my meal plan, I go through it and write out my grocery list. As I’ve mentioned before, Darling Husband is the official grocery-shopper in this family — due to my, ah, cart rage.

I organized these squares according to — roughly — the layout of our local grocery store. Dividing it up into categories really helps when I’m trying to visualize everything I need — and by listing where to find everything, it helps Darling Husband track down my bizarre ingredients.

So now it’s my turn — do you guys have any tips for planning meals or getting groceries?

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