The story of our lives

I am officially the last person on Earth to have discovered scrapbooking.

It’s been popular for — oh, I don’t know — the last five years? And I have consistently walked by the scrapbooking aisle. Ignored the padded leather books, the colourful pages, the sparkly stickers.
It was basically the last craft standing — the one thing I hadn’t tried. And I didn’t have much interest in it.
And then … suddenly … I realized that it was actually a good idea.
While I like displaying framed photos, and even shadowboxing, I never, ever put together albums. I’ve always hated the idea of needing the right size to fit in the clear plastic window, and trying to arrange all of the verticals with the verticals and the horizontals with the horizontals.
With scrapbooking, I reasoned, it would be a nice way to get my photos out of my plastic shoeboxes and into something proper. I could make pages dedicated to trips with Darling Husband, pages dedicated to Little Dog, pages about birthdays and holidays and … everything!
Plus, there are padded leather books. And colourful cardstock! And sparkly stickers!

I’ve been obsessed for a week now, and I have 12 pages finished. I love them. I love the idea that I can make a book that tells the story of my life — and that by flipping through it, you can get a pretty clear idea of the highlights.
My grand plan is to start from the very beginning, and tell the story of me and Darling Husband. I’ll end up having a book of my “early” life — me as a baby, straight up until I met DH at 16. And then all of the books after that will show the events of our lives together, in chronological order.
I absolutely love the idea that one day our kids can flip through these scrapbooks, just like storybooks, and see what life was our lives were like before them.
When Baby makes three, I’ll continue adding pages to our “family” book — trips, holidays, etc. — but also make a special baby book — because hey, who I am to resist the cute pale pink and pale blue albums?
P.S. I would make a book of Darling Husband’s early life, but boys don’t keep photos the way girls do, so I don’t think I have enough for one.
P.P.S. Plus, the pack of paper I bought was called “Teen Scene” and includes a lot of pink leopard print and glitter pages. I don’t think he’d appreciate that …

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