Not Me Monday

  • I did not lose let out a little shriek when I read that D of All Things G&D is pregnant. Nope. I was all, “Who’s that again? Oh, that’s nice.”
  • I did not obsessively check my Twitter all weekend, in anticipation of the “big announcement” over at This Young House Young House Love. I have more of a life than that.
  • I was not completely and totally kinda disappointed that their announcement was a legal thing (site name change), and not that Sherry is pregnant with a baby Youngster.
  • I would never get too attached to bloggie friends, especially when excitement over babies is concerned.
  • I would never discuss bloggie friends as if they were real people, as in …
ME: Isn’t it so exciting that Dusty is pregnant? And I think Sherry is, too.
C: I don’t know anyone who’s pregnant.
ME: Um … technically, I don’t know them.
C: These are blog people, aren’t they?
ME: Yeah …

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