The aftermath …

My mind was on overdrive yesterday — as you could probably tell by my quarter-life-crisis post.

I’ve had some questions about what it all meant, so here goes:
  • I have no plans to quit my job. I have, however, accepted that I need something more creative.
  • I am more certain than ever than I want need to be a writer.
  • I am still 100% determined to publish my novel, and am going to continue pitching it — there are still three queries out there.
  • I realize I need to keep my current full-time job in the meantime. Until the day that writing can be my full-time job, I am going to be mega-strict about getting up early to get in a couple of hours of writing before work.
  • I am going to throw myself into my next novel — outline is finished, few chapters are done.
  • I am going to keep going strong with freelance opportunities, because they give me a chance to write professionally.
  • I am not going to lose sight of my goal of being a published novelist.
  • I am going to be grateful for my job, and do everything I can to enjoy aspects of it more
Whew! What a list of affirmations, huh?
Believe it or not, I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I got up early this morning to write, and it felt tiring great knowing that I’m doing something to help me reach my goal. If I can do 1,000 words or more every morning, it will add up quickly.
Because I’m certainly not going to get published by doing nothing but cranking out budgets and schedules, right? Nobody would buy that book!

So what do you think?

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