Not Me Mondays

Happy Monday! And wow, Happy June! How was everyone’s weekend? I can tell you a bit about mine …

  • I did not wear the exact same tank top, shorts and ponytail all weekend, while on a mad cooking binge. I always shower daily, style my hair, and slip into fresh, coordinating outfits — even when I’m not leaving the condo.
  • I did not watch Jerry Maguire for the nine-millionth time. I did not tear up and fall in love with Tom Cruise all over again. I did not cry at his gentle eyes when he said, “You complete me.”
  • Chips for dinner? Who, me? Never.
  • I did not scald myself badly with the gluegun. Only a klutz would be so distracted by what was on TV, that she would squeeze the trigger excitedly while holding it over her bare ankle.
  • I did not record episodes of TLC’s Clean Sweep and then fast-forward them to the very end, just so I could pause on the “after” shots. Shelving and storage solutions really don’t interest me.

3 Comments on “Not Me Mondays

  1. I always have weekends where I don’t leave the house and wear the same clothes/hairstyles. So you are not alone!

    And Jerry Maguire, just saw it for the first time a few months ago and I loved it!!!!


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