An open letter to my gluegun:

I miss you quite terribly, Gluegun. I’m not sure what happened to us over the last few weeks. 
I was busy, you were … well, you were always available. But either way, we just didn’t connect.
I know you are jealous with all of the extra attention I have been giving my novel. But I still should have made time for you.
There are so many projects I want us to do together! Make felt food and a coordinating roll-up kitchen — small condo means the giant plastic kitchen sets are a big no-no. Make a quiet book to add to my growing shelves of kiddie lit
Let’s make a date this weekend to spend some quality time together. Don’t worry about Darling Husband interrupting us — I think hockey playoffs are still on.

5 Comments on “An open letter to my gluegun:

  1. I really wish I wasn’t so lazy with the crafting. I have so many projects I want to get to and/or finish. I love crafts! What I really need is a nice place set up. Things are all over. Anyways, all this and I just wanted to say that I wish I was as good as you! To just sit down and go at it!!!


  2. Oh, thanks, but as much as I love to craft, it really is hard to find the time/energy sometimes.

    My problem is that I HAVE a dedicated area for it, but prefer to drag everything into the living room so I can craft in front of the big TV. And sometimes the idea of dragging everything around is what stops me.

    I think I need to start making myself work at my craft table — and listen to music or something instead!


  3. Oh I know that feeling! That is exactly what I would do. I was thinking when I do dedicate an area that we’d put a little TV in there. I’m way too obsessed with TV!! Music would work too though.


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