10 things that bug me

Happy Friday, dear readers! 
My brain is a bit mushy this morning, after another early-morning writing sesh — two days in a row, woot! — so I thought I would try a MamaKat’s writer’s prompt. The mission? List 10 things you are currently sick of.
Done, and done:
  1. Frizz. Just once, I would like to have silken locks without a flatiron. Of course, I am too lazy to flatiron 99% of the time. 
  2. Little Dog hiding kibbles in our bed. I started shutting the bedroom door before leaving for work, to keep her out, so she started hiding them in between the couch cushions. Ew.
  3. My work laptop. It’s fine and all, but I’m jealous of the Mac users. It’s like I know that I am one of them, at heart, but I am stiffled by a PC.
  4. Feeling like a TV show pariah. I never seem to catch onto the popular shows, and it gets annoying. While I’m watching unpopular stuff on TLC and the WB, I’m constantly asked if I’ve seen the latest Grey’s Anatomy or American Idol, and get to reply, “I have never watched either.” You should see the strange looks I get!
  5. Baby carrots. Soapy-tasting. Blah. But yet I eat them almost daily.
  6. Celebrities on my Twitter account. I hate logging on and seeing 10,000 posts from celebrities — and none from my real Twitter friends. Especially the ones like Kirstie Alley, who fill my feed with weird political crap.
  7. Living with jerks. No, no, not Darling Husband and Little Dog. I mean the jerks who also live in our condo complex. They are all ninety, and yes, I am ageist.
  8. The office fridge. It’s super-tiny and always crowded. Cramming my lunchbag onto one of the shelves always makes me feel insecure about the about of snackies I have packed. 
  9. BlackBerry messenger. It screws up all the time — not sending, not delivering. Annoyyyyyyying.
  10. Pollen. Allergy drugs make me Sleepy or Dopey — always one of the dwarves — so I try to bear it. But yeeshhhhh, it is not fun to have running eyes. Last week I sneezed so many times in a row that the guy in the next office actually checked on me.

4 Comments on “10 things that bug me

  1. I also hate tiny work fridges … especially when people leave their containers of disgusting leftovers in there for a week and a half, until it starts to stink. Yuck. Do people do this in their own homes? I don’t think so.


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