I am SAHM? SAHM I am?

On Monday, I had another taste of Stay-at-home-Momism. 

And I liked it.

OK, so technically, there were no children. And yes, that is a big part of being a SAHM. But I had Little Dog … and … what? Oh yeah, forgot to walk her. Minor details.
Anyway, my day was like something out of The Sound of Music
  • Got up at the usual time
  • Baked fresh muffins for Darling Husband
  • Made him coffee
  • Packed his lunch
  • Kissed Darling Husband good-bye
  • Was busy all morning re-organizing/painting trim in our bedroom
  • Stopped for lunch and made delicious veggie-chicken wraps
  • Did some more home-repair-ish work
  • Folded laundry
  • Had lovely apple-slices/cheese/crackers/milk afternoon snack
  • Read my book on the couch
  • Greeted Darling Husband enthusiastically
  • Played Wii together
  • Cooked dinner
  • Cleaned up
  • Laughed at Little Dog leaping over my legs
  • Took a long bath
  • Packed lunches for the next day
  • Read in bed
OK, OK, I know that sounds monotonous. But truly, it was a really nice day. Just the right mix of “getting stuff done” and “enjoying oneself.” I felt happy and rested. 
Bonus: Darling Husband was happy that I was happy and rested — and not taking out work stress/anxiety on him. 
I know it would obviously be a little lot different with a baby — no Wii tennis, for instance — but is it possible that I’m just one of those people who are really happy in the home?
According to a great article on iVillage, the four things that every SAHM should know are all things I already know:
  • Feel proud of what you do: Some SAHMs take flack from people for not having a “real career,” but I think I could happily reply that what I’m doing is important.
  • Keep in touch with friends: We will hopefully have our kids around the same time as other friends, so it would be great to have a support/social network.
  • Get organized: Storage baskets? Hello! I live for storage baskets … OK, that came out wrong.
  • Get in touch with your creative side: Crafts? Projects? I have no shortage of hobbies to keep me — and the kids — busy.
Fingers and toes crossed that this will be in the cards for us …

5 Comments on “I am SAHM? SAHM I am?

  1. That sounds like a perfect day! Add a little crafting in there and you’d be good to go 😉 I’m onboard with this SAHM plan!


  2. Yup, crafting would have made the day absolutely perfect — that, and maybe pushing a stroller around the neighbourhood 🙂


  3. I want to be a SAHM so bad. Especially today, when I have terrible cramps, no kids, and don’t feel well but still have to sit at work. Unfortunately, SAHM’s don’t get sick days either so maybe I just want to SAH.


  4. Yeah, SAH is awesome. Even when you’re busy, it’s so much more relaxing than slumping behind a desk all day, blaaaah.


  5. I love this post. A SAHM without kids. Brilliant!

    You are welcome to borrow my kids anytime and give this experiment another go around. If you did, you would probably accomplish only folding laundry and making dinner.

    I like your model better. 🙂



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