Nursery decorating for Jack or Jill

My lovely friend C is expecting, and her hubby is determined to not find out if the baby is a girl or a boy.
Wow — the willpower! Darling Husband feels the same way, but I’m not as nice as C — wild horses couldn’t keep me from finding out the gender, haha.
So they are planning a gender-neutral nursery, and I thought I would help out by rustling up some inspiration!
Yellow and green have always been popular for couples who aren’t sure if they’re having a Jack or a Jill. But chic gender-neutral nurseries go way beyond slapping some yellow paint on the walls and buying a green blanket.
Decorating expects say you shouldn’t rule out blue, especially shades of periwinkle and turquoise. C and her hubby have painted their home in gorgeous, vibrant hues, so I know they wouldn’t shy away from an awesome stencil job like this …

I usually hate white walls, but when they’re splashed with bright colour, I admit they  look great. I love this eco-chic nursery…

Don’t assume a nursery needs to scream “a baby lives here!” Trendy nurseries use fabrics and textures normally reserved for Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom — like polkadots, dark wood, and modern colour combos like chocolate brown and green …
Green can also be combined with warm yellows and peaches for a cozy space. Add a couple of soft lamps and artwork, and you have the kind of nursery that just exudes peace. Wallpaper borders make me want to heave, so I love the idea of adding interest to the walls with these broad stripes …

By starting with gender-neutral walls, you can easily add some pink infusions if Baby turns out to be a girl. If you paint the walls green and buy neutral bedding, all it takes is some art or a girly throw to transform the space …
Last but not least, I’m a big fan of the white-and-yellow combination — it’s clean, calming, and totally classic … 
Happy decorating, C!

6 Comments on “Nursery decorating for Jack or Jill

  1. Those are supper sweet layouts for baby’s room. I love the Trendy nursery one it is super cute 🙂 I would want to know the sex of the baby as well. hehehe


  2. Wow! I love all of these! Especially the green and brown — you know how much I love brown! It’s all over my house and will likely be in my nursery decor, too! Nice post!


  3. Thanks for the nice comments, ladies! I had a lot of fun putting this post together — so many cute options!


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