The shop around the corner

I am dreaming of bookstores this morning. More specifically, my book in them.

Yesterday I mailed my pitch to a second publisher and to my FIRST literary agency! Let’s take a moment to just Yayyyyyyy!

I received a postcard from the first publisher about a week after I mailed my query, saying that they received it and it could take up to six months to get an answer.
While getting a “Yes” from a publisher would be beyond awesome, I also really have my fingers crossed for the literary agency. If they take on your project, they represent you, hunt for a publisher on your behalf, and negotiate your deal.
The waiting game is hard, but I feel a little more hopeful with every query I drop in the mailbox. I don’t know if it’s that every pitch increases the odds of getting a bite, or that I’m taking action towards what I want. But I’m going to keep doing it until I see my book in stores.

5 Comments on “The shop around the corner

  1. Hi! Stopping by from SITS! I am a writer too!! My first published book was not fiction but I am now shopping my first fiction novel to agents/publishers! I would love to know more about what you are working on…I enjoy connecting with fellow writers.


  2. Wow, you’ve already published a book! I’m totally impressed! My novel is young adult fiction about teen pregnancy. What’s yours about?


  3. The fact that you’re taking the steps to get the process rolling is amazing in itself. Stay optimistic! You’ve got real talent 🙂


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