Breaking up the routine

A change is as good as a rest.

I just re-read that line in one of my favourite Bernice Thurman Hunter stories, and I could not agree more.
I’m big on routine, and I find a comfort in knowing how my days are going to flow. But on the rare occasion that I break it up by doing something different, I’m surprised by how good it feels.
On Sunday night, I found myself driving in our Jeep — and regular readers know I do not get many chances to wrestle the wheel away from Darling Husband. 
It was a clear night, and I hooked my iPod up to the speakers and cranked it while I cruised. There is nothing quite like belting out a song at the top of your lungs and “car-dancing” behind the wheel. I was actually disappointed when I reached my exit!
It reminded me that while a routine is OK, it’s too easy to fall into a rut. It’s important to shake things up and do something different and fun. 
On the agenda tonight? In between cooking dinner (blah) and doing laundry (blah), I’m going to make some time to play a little Disney SingIt
P.S. Yes, I know, I’m 12. But it is seriously an awesome game.

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