Riding in cars with babes

The other day, I gave Tiny Niece a ride home — yep, the same tot who presented me with that memorable card back in February.

I have driven her before, when she was younger, and it has freaked me out every time. She’s so little. And what if I get into an accident??? 
In the past, she has been buckled into a carseat in the back. Since I have a Sis who has always been extremely small, I know the backseat is the safest place for the little peeps.
Tiny Niece is older now — eight — but still requires a carseat, because she’s tiny. When I offered to drive her home from the in-laws’ place — literally three houses up the street — I didn’t think too much of it. I mean, it’s three houses. There probably wouldn’t be a single other car on the road. 
The backseat was folded down and full of boxes, so I buckled her into the front seat. When I ran around and hopped into the driver’s seat, I was surprised by how nervous I was. She was so small on the passenger seat, holding her new pastels and her bookbag, talking about school.

My eyes zeroed in on the dash, where the indicator said the passenger airbag was turned off. I have never even seen that notification before — it was freaky that I noticed it for the first time that day. It’s like all my senses were on hyper-alert.
So carefully, carefully, I backed out of the driveway and cruised three houses up the street. I pulled into her driveway, and it was done. No sweat. Except I had been!
It was just another reminder that everything is different with kids. You worry more.  You think of all the what-ifs … even more than you normally do!
And this was on a 20-second drive with no other cars on the road. Sheesh, how am I ever going to drive an infant on a highway???

So what do you think?

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