Role-model Mommy: Candace Cameron Bure

You’ve heard me gush about my love of Full Houseand that love has recently extended to post-Full House Candace Cameron Bure.

For those of you who haven’t kept up with DJ Tanner since she and the rest of the Tanners went off the air, here’s the scoop: 
Candace was introduced to hockey player Valeri Bure — by Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) — and they married when she was 20. They have three super-cute children — Natasha, Lev and Maksim — and they live a quiet family life in Florida.
Candace’s website is called “Growing in God with Candace,” and she writes a monthly column for a Christian womens’ magazine — which I read online, and love. 
When I was going through the clippings on her official site, I found a nice piece about her in a family magazine. She talked a lot about how much she loves being a stay-at-home mom, and this part in particular stood out …
This was refreshing to read. She’s absolutely right — I only wish more people felt this way.

So what do you think?

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