Hi, my name is …

At the moment, a few real-life peeps know about this blog — shoutout to Best Friend, L and C! — but for the most part, it’s on the down-low.
When I started Laptops to Lullabies, it was a huge secret. I was still coming to terms with my thoughts, and wasn’t ready to share them with people who know me in real life.
Over the last couple of months, I have become more comfortable with my plans for the future, and have started talking about them out loud. Then, when I find someone who I know will understand and not be all Blabby McBlabberson, I tell them about this.
People sometimes ask me if this blog will always be anonymous — the answer is: I don’t think so. At some point, I’ll be me — no secrets.
For now, though — shhhhhh!

So what do you think?

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