Beary Cute Quilt: Steps 1, 2, 3

The dangerous thing about a huge fabric store sale is … you start choosing fabric over sleep.
For the last two nights, I stayed up waaaaaaay late simply because I was in L-O-V-E with my new fabrics — they are gorgeous! You will love them, too — and wanted to play.
I am paying for it today (zzzzzzzzz) but alas, here’s what went down …

Step 1: In an enthusiastic attempt to “get a finished product” — which is definitely a problem of mine — I stayed up too late the first night cutting out strip after strip of blue flannel. Then sewing the world’s longest ruffle …

Step 2: Since it worked so well last time, I cut out the backing (more blue flannel) and the batting, and sewed them together. Fewer layers = less stress!
Step 3: Since this fabric is so beary cute — OK, I’ll stop with the lame beary/very crap now — I decided not to chop it up into squares like last time. I left it as one big chunk, and sewed the ruffle to the edges …

L is coming over tonight for another craft-sesh, so under her watchful eye, I will be attempting steps 4 and 5 — sewing all the layers together, and machine-quilting the whole thing.
Then I will have … drumroll, please … TWO finished baby quilts. Where is the baby, haha?

4 Comments on “Beary Cute Quilt: Steps 1, 2, 3

  1. Haha I know! I always feel myself rushing, though, because I’m so eager for the finished product. I’m hoping once I get these initial quilts “out of my system,” I will calm down — and slow down!


  2. Omg These are so cute! They would also make a very nice baby shower gift 🙂 I’m sure anyone would love to get a personal-home-made quilt!!


  3. Thanks! I’m hoping that I can be a whiz by the time my friends start having babies! Once I master quilts, I’m moving onto baby clothes and toys …


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