I’ve been at this parenting game for, like, a bazillion years now (seven-ish?) so here’s a round-up of some of the most-viewed parenting posts.

(Yes, there are entirely too many posts about putting on makeup, disastrous camping trips, and creating bizarre infant meals …)


Yes, the boobs really are THAT GOOD!
Yes, it really makes you THINNER! 
When your doctor is a formula-pusher … 
When you’re breastfeeding and having surgery 
Nursing clothing/breastfeeding clothing: the good, the bad, and the useless
When you’re thinking of introducing cows’ milk 
When your baby won’t take a bottle (guest post) 
When should I stop breastfeeding? 
Breastfeeding the second time around

When you’re weaning to formula

Surviving life as a new mom

Top 5 baby essentials
Five legal (paperwork-y) steps after having a baby
How to survive with a newborn 
How to keep your house clean How to eat in a restaurant with a baby 
How to choose nursing clothing 
How to curb your spending on maternity leave 
How to brush your teeth with a baby 
How to cook with a baby 
How to apply makeup with a baby 
How to shower with a newborn 
How to make doing laundry easier 
How to blog with a newborn
Cooking therapy


When you’re terrified of your baby choking 
Quick meal idea: Chicken and sweet potatoes 
Quick meal idea: Frozen rice/veggie mixes 
Quick meal idea: Peas 
Quick meal idea: Soup 
Making baby smoothies 
Making baby toast 
Making pancakes for your baby (using breastmilk!)
Making pizza for a baby 
Making pureed green beans 
Making slow-cooker applesauce 
Sharing your meals with a baby
Eating in a restaurant with your baby
Making freezable meals for babies in silicone muffin liners
Making the world’s cutest toddler pancakes
Making eight slowcooker meals in less than 30 minutes
Food your toddler will actually want to eat

Cloth diapering

Five things about having two kids in cloth diapers
When you have to temporarily stop using cloth
When you’re a crazy person who doesn’t want to cave
When you cave and start using disposable diapers at night
How to defend yourself to skeptics
When everyone thinks you’re crazy
How to wash cloth diapers 
How to make homemade cloth wipes 
How to make homemade disposable wipes
Ranking cloth diaper brands 
Giddy excitement over buying cloth diapers


When your 20-month-old decides she won’t wear diapers
Training a one-year-old girl vs. a two-year-old boy

Toddler life

Easy toddler activity using JELL-O
Easy toddler craft: painted thank-you cards
The differences between toddler boys and toddler girls
When your kids are terrified of Santa
Surviving a toddler stomach flu
Toddlers who destroy their bedrooms at naptime
Quiet mornings with my baby girl
My kids love playing outside … but I hate it
When toddlers sleep-walk
Funny phrases from our three-year-old (and these, too)
Hosting a Mickey Mouse themed party (on a budget)
Keeping kids occupied over March Break
Dressing girls vs. dressing boys

Speech delays / Hearing loss

Finding out our son has a mild hearing loss

Figuring out the next steps after the failed hearing test

Seeing some minor progress in his speech

Getting different diagnoses, and finally seeing the ENT (Ear Nose Throat)

Returning to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) for another evalution

Getting a date for tube surgery

Countdown to tube surgery

Re-cap of the tube surgery (myringatomy)

Immediate hearing and speech differences after the surgery
When your hearing-loss child is starving and can’t tell you

Preparing for speech therapy

D’s amazing speech improvements after getting tubes

Signs that D needed a second set of tubes

D’s language explosion after his second set of tubes
When our daughter started showing signs of hearing loss

Leaving the house

When you’re exhausted and manage an outing regardless
The secret to camping with young children (and enjoying it)
15 lessons learned on our first big family vacation
Camping trip #1: What we did wrong, what we did right
Camping trip #2: What we did wrong, what we did right
Camping trip #3: What we did wrong, what we did right
How to keep your toddler quiet in church
Eating in restaurants with a baby
Life lessons learned on the playground

Maternity leave

Keeping your pregnancy a secret at work
Morning sickness plan of attack for the office
Everything you need to know about maternity leave in Canada
Being productive before the baby arrives
Maternity leave is the best (and worst) of times


Cutting back to save up for a baby — what we planned
Cutting back to save up for a baby — how we did
Reinventing Date Night to save up for a baby
Preparing yourself financially for maternity leave
Feeling depressed about not having any money
Making ends meet on maternity leave
When you realize how much your finances have changed
Saving money by buying knock-offs
Outfitting a baby’s room on a budget
Using Google Calendars to keep your fiances organized

Birthday parties

Planning your baby’s first birthday
Loot bags are terrible so here’s an alternative
Half birthdays are way cooler than real birthdays
Simple DIY reusable snack bags for party favours
Mickey Mouse party on a tight budget
Why I’m DONE with big birthday parties
When you’re so sick of birthday-present shopping


Dividing each day into “useful chunks” of time
Achieving that elusive work/life balance
When taxes kick your ass
Feeling guilty about hiring childcare
Experimenting with adding MORE childcare
Trying to work while your kids are napping
When you have a no good, very bad work day


Difficult moments

When you’re terrified of having a second child
When you feel like you’re struggling, hopelessly
Living in “The Land of If Only”
When it doesn’t feel like you can be honest about your feelings
When being a parent makes you terribly fearful
When everything’s going wrong, and you’re stressed out
Struggling to sell your home (with a baby)
Taking life lessons from Laura Ingalls Wilder
Pregnancy hormones that make you crazy
When the universe is kicking your ass
Trying to be grateful for what you have, when life sucks


Space-saving tricks in the nursery
Organizing and storing baby clothes
Condensing your diaper bag
Five steps to easier laundry
Organizing your meal-planning (free downloadable sheet)


How do you decide when you’re done having children?
Song lyrics that sum up our marriage
The new (poorer) face of Valentine’s Day
When your husband works too much
What time of day are you a good parent? Marry someone who’s the opposite!
When playing cards together can make everything better
When your husband’s Path of Destruction drives you crazy
When you’re arguing about how to handle parenting decisions
The best Date Nights are lame ones
If you love me, just leave me the hell alone
When you’re harassing your poor husband to be productive
The balance between happiness and security

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