DIY pallet headboards

DIY pallet-style headboards {Heather's Handmade Life}
I recently made a housecall — yes, I do those — to visit a client who wanted help turning a former home office into a cosy guest room.

She had two twin bed frames and I knew immediately I wanted to try building pallet-style headboards — envisioning a mix of deep wood tones to go with the fluffy white comforters we planned to use.

I measured the beds and decided the headboards should be 38 inches wide and 24 inches tall, so they’d fit nicely over the beds without hitting the window trim (or being completely hidden by pillows).

I got started by cutting pieces for a frame and screwing them together. Each headboard got a long 38-inch piece of 2×2 for the top of the frame, two 20-inch pieces of 2×2 for the sides, and a 35-inch piece for the bottom.

DIY pallet-style headboards {Heather's Handmade Life}

Once I had two sturdy rectangles built out of 2x2s, it was time for the fun part: adding the planks!

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DIY pallet-style headboards {Heather's Handmade Life}
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March Break? March Broken.

Happy March Break! This is a truly magical time of year when absolutely nothing lives up to anyone’s expectations for nine whole days.

You think you know how you’d like to spend it, and somewhere around Wednesday — possibly as early as Tuesday — you wonder if it’s possible to switch to a different school district that’s already had its March Break.

For example …

“March Break is the perfect time for a family vacation!”

No one has to miss any school. You could spend six days and seven nights on a beautiful resort where no one has to wash dishes or cook meals. You could take frame-worthy family photos where everyone’s laughing on the beach, or whirling around in the spinning teacup ride. It’s perfect!

Oh, wait. Except for the fact that it’s exponentially more expensive to travel anywhere on March Break, since that’s when hotels and airlines all jack the prices. You will bleed money from your pores every time someone dares to whine they are hungry. You will come home far more exhausted than you were when you left.

Hmm, scratch that …

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Our family’s lice scare

Our family's lice scare {Heather's Handmade Life}

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Is it all in my head? Am I just being paranoid or is my head really itchy? (Just try to read this column to the end without scratching your own head. Shudder.)

I may not have to worry about pregnancy scares anymore (thanks to an early hysterectomy), but nobody — especially a parent — is immune to the dreaded lice scare.

I’m knocking on all the wood while typing this, but we’re in our third year of life in elementary school — currently we have a Grade 2 and a Primary — and we have yet to get lice. Hold on, I want to go knock on some more wood.

That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had near-lice experiences, of course. Our classrooms regularly send home a standard photocopied note to the effect of: “Someone in your child’s class had/has lice. Please check your child.” I see the note, I shudder a little and then I check the kids’ heads.

I wrote an article on lice about a year and a half ago and it made me feel a little calmer because I’d know what to do if it struck our household. I immediately ordered the exact comb the expert in my interview recommended — a $15 stainless steel comb called The Nit-Free Terminator* (affiliate link) — and started following her advice.

Well, some of it.

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