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What started off as a secret diary back when I was just 25 years old has turned into a big part of my professional life. (Blogging — who knew, right?)

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Want me to share your stuff?

This little blog is growing by leaps and bounds and I’m always looking for cool partnerships. I have a loyal following of readers around the world — mostly moms, but not all — and occasionally do sponsored posts, giveaways, and product reviews.

I’ve worked with brands like Fusion Mineral Paint, Modern Littles, EiEiHomes, Little Live Pets, Beados Canada, Chairish, miWorld, Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company, Shutterfly, Vicks, Braun, Put Me in the Story, Smart Mom, and Tommee Tippee.

I stick to three main categories for this stuff — DIY/home decor items, kids’ stuff, and writer/professional things (like, maybe notebooks? This has not happened yet, despite my effusive love of beautiful notebooks).

So if you’re looking to promote one of the above things, I want to hear about it!

Want me to speak into a mic?

I’m available for speaking gigs, and I have yet to throw up on stage (you’re welcome in advance). People tell me I’m pretty good at it, so this is the part where I should write an epic third-person description of how I’m funny and interesting on stage. I’ll just embed some tweets instead. It seems more modest somehow.


A brief list of places I’ve spoken:

  • BlogJam2016 (Pier 21, Halifax NS)
  • The 2015 Canadian Association of Journalists annual conference (Atlantic Hotel, Halifax NS)
  • Fall Ideal Home Show 2016 (Halifax Exhibition Centre, Halifax NS)
  • Fall Ideal Home Show 2015 (Halifax Exhibition Centre, Halifax NS)
  • My own kitchen, likely to children who aren’t listening

Want me to teach something?

If I hadn’t gone to school for journalism, I suspect I would have become a teacher — but it was really only to write on chalkboards and decorate bulletin boards, so I really dodged a bullet because I think I would have hated the rest of it. Also, schools don’t even use chalkboards anymore!

Seriously, though, I have led professional development seminars and educational-ish talks for teachers and students. No chalk required.

A brief list of topics I can teach*

  • Blogging 101, Balancing your blog, content for blogs, anything blog-related it seems
  • Creative communication in young children (basic ASL + storytelling skills)
  • Interviewing + reporting techniques (basic journalism skills, usually for the junior high level)
  • Surviving and thriving as a freelancer (budgeting, scheduling, etc.)
  • Creating something from nothing (the power of DIY on a budget)
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared of power tools (basic woodworking)
  • Beginning sewing / garment sewing

*Um, I’m not a qualified teacher, as my teacher-friends remind me! Should we say “instruct” instead maybe?

For information on advertising or working together, send me an email and we’ll chat!

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