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Cheap and easy DIY floating shelves

Cheap and easy DIY floating shelves {Heather's Handmade Life}

There once was a time when we’d buy cheap laminate bookcases if we needed more storage in a room. Now we just build our own wooden shelves, and there’s no going back. If we no longer need the shelves in a particular room, we…

Upcycled wood and metal lockers

A few weeks ago I shared how I turned old sticker-covered lockers into cool toy storage for our seven-year-old son’s bedroom. Now I’m showing you how I took more of those same grungy lockers and gave them a completely different look for my new…

Upcycled lockers for toy storage

Upcycled lockers for toy storage {Heather's Handmade Life}

When my husband texted me a photo of dirty, rusted lockers and asked if we wanted them — for free — of course I replied with “Yes! How many can you take???” His lunchroom at work was about to be renovated, and employees were…

Upcycled DIY headboard

Upcycled DIY headboard {Heather's Handmade Life}

We spent $0 making a DIY headboard by reusing what we had Our guests have always slept in our basement playroom, which was possibly the least restful spot in the entire house. I mean, how can you truly feel relaxed when you have dozens…

DIY rolling craft table with hidden storage

DIY rolling craft table with hidden storage {Heather's Handmade Life}

How to build the craft table of your dreams Do you know one of my very favourite things to buy at a building supply store? Not wood or paint — although they’re top contenders — but huge sheets of smooth, shiny, white melamine. They…

Vintage desk makeover

Vintage desk makeover {Heather's Handmade Life}

Recently I learned that sometimes the first crafty instinct isn’t necessarily the best one. We have a sweet little vintage desk, which is part of a hand-me-down set of ’50s-era furniture we received when we moved into our house. It’s compact and classic, and…

DIY pallet porch sign

DIY pallet porch sign tutorial {Heather's Handmade Home}

I totally zoned out, not being too fussy with each swipe and swoosh of the brush. After all, I reasoned, this sign is going outside! It’s going to fade and get all weathered anyway.

When friends help friends DIY

Modernize a kitschy table to get a modern farmhouse table {Heather's Handmade Life}

It was an important reminder that just because I’ve painted a lot of furniture doesn’t mean it’s easy — or fast — for someone who’s new to it. I texted back apologetic Bitmojis and hoped we were still going to be friends once the project was over.

DIY clothing tree

Now that our youngest has started Primary, I’m responsible for getting two people up, washed, brushed, combed, dressed, fed and out the door by 7:20 a.m. Oh, while also making two lunches, preparing two breakfasts, packing two backpacks and steeping a huge travel mug…

Five space-savings DIYs

Our house isn’t that big, but we squeeze every inch of space out of it.

DIY stair organizer

When you walk in our front door, our stairs are to your immediate right. The carpet is builder-grade and I want to replace it — that’s a discussion for another day — but there was an even bigger eyesore: the “piles.” Every time I…

Converting a child’s closet to built-in shelves

Kids' closet organization with built-in shelves {Heather's Handmade Life}

When faced with a mess, it’s often our instinct to conceal with storage bins or doors. But in the case of our son’s closet, the answer was actually to remove the doors completely.   While it wasn’t a wreck of hidden dirty laundry and…