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I love my daughter … but man, I wish she’d stop this!

It started out innocently enough, with two mismatched socks. Our two-year-old daughter decided she wanted to wear socks during her nap, so she pawed through her drawers until she could locate two (very different) socks. In the process, of course, she had thrown dozens… Continue Reading “I love my daughter … but man, I wish she’d stop this!”

My daughter is a marketing genius

In my nearly four (FOUR!?) years of this parenting gig, we have tried a lot of sippy cups. (Oh dear, this is sounding like an infomercial already) Wait, let me start over.  I got an email a few weeks back from the good people… Continue Reading “My daughter is a marketing genius”

Mornings with my girl

Now that we’re finally settling into our new lives — that are officially crazy-ville with scheduled activities — I’m catching my breath and taking a second to tell you about it. D now goes to preschool two mornings a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), takes… Continue Reading “Mornings with my girl”