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Parenting during a pandemic

Parenting during a pandemic is scary. It’s hard and it’s sometimes heartbreaking — but we’re putting on a brave face for our children because that’s what they need from us right now.

When lice invade your home, and head

When lice invade your home, and head {Heather's Handmade Life}

I’m sorry I was a snooty little B-word when other people’s kids had lice, or when the notes came home in the backpacks. I was horrified and grossed out, and now people are horrified and grossed out by my family. It’s so embarrassing.

When moms make time for dreams

I can scroll through years of photos, and the same ones keep showing up. Badly-lit, boring pictures of laptops. Sometimes it’s a laptop sitting on my knees, with taekwondo classes or dance practices happening in the background. Other times, it’s a laptop sitting on…