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What you probably didn’t know about wetting the bed

The following is a sponsored conversation with GoodNites® but all opinions are my own. So let’s start with me admitting that I was really, REALLY wrong about bed-wetting. When I heard a few friends talking about how their own children, who are almost five, were… Continue Reading “What you probably didn’t know about wetting the bed”

Birthday party smackdown: big parties vs. small parties

After last year’s huge birthday bash for our daughter, I swore that we were finished with big birthday parties. I don’t know what pushed me over the edge, whether it was the prep work, the money, the 50-odd people in the venue or the… Continue Reading “Birthday party smackdown: big parties vs. small parties”

When little kids ‘date’ little kids

Our son is “in love” with a girl in his class. They’re getting married, he tells us, and it’s really going to happen because they “hang out almost EVERY day.” He says this part for emphasis because, really, how could that not lead to… Continue Reading “When little kids ‘date’ little kids”

When your kid learns a bad word

“Hey Mom, I know the ‘F’ word!” The first time he claimed to know it, he didn’t. He blanked when I asked him and couldn’t remember it. “Was it … fudge?” “Nope.” “Fetch?” “I don’t think so.” “Fart?” (In my mind, this is the… Continue Reading “When your kid learns a bad word”

The first haircut is the hardest

I hadn’t so much as trimmed as single hair on our daughter’s head. Ever. Even when she had an unfortunate baby mullet, I left it alone. I nurtured it and brushed it and whispered for it to keep growing. I celebrated her first birthday… Continue Reading “The first haircut is the hardest”