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Parenting during a pandemic

Parenting during a pandemic is scary. It’s hard and it’s sometimes heartbreaking — but we’re putting on a brave face for our children because that’s what they need from us right now.

Thought work is going to be the key to getting through this

Panic isn’t going to help — it’s only going to make us fall apart, which will make it harder for us to get through this. We need to show up in love. We need to remember that we can’t control what happens but we can control how we think, feel and act. We need to take care of each other, and we need to take care of ourselves.

Breathing tips for when you’re panicking

I am no stranger to anxiety + panic attacks, but I have never had such a CONSISTENT obsession about my breathing (and lack thereof) as I’ve had over the last three days.

What it’s been like going off my antidepressants

Heather Laura Clarke

I went off my antidepressants, and now I’m working on myself. It’s uncomfortable as hell. It’s the most difficult DIY project of my life.

The Dutch concept of “niksen” is EXACTLY what I need in my life

I am a person who is regularly told to relax, and can’t. I am ONE HUNDO PER CENT the person who would benefit from niksen.