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How we (finally) moved our shed

How we (finally) moved our shed {Heather's Handmade Life}

YouTube tutorials can be a wonderful resource when you’re trying something new. They can also fill you with false confidence and convince you to try a stupid (and potentially dangerous) idea that will leave everyone in a panic. It all started with the placement… Continue Reading “How we (finally) moved our shed”

DIY tall outdoor planter

DIY super-tall outdoor planter {Heather's Handmade Life}

Let me start by saying that I originally wanted two matching planters, one for either side of our front door. The fact that there is one lonely planter in the photo should tell you that this project did not go according to plan —… Continue Reading “DIY tall outdoor planter”

When your husband’s (sort of) in labour

It’s strange watching your husband in the throes of a painful labour, but that’s sort of what happened to us yesterday. I knew the pain was bad when he woke up early in the afternoon, not long after going to sleep, after being at… Continue Reading “When your husband’s (sort of) in labour”