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Taking a deep breath

I know it was only our first month or trying, so I shouldn’t have had my hopes up so soon. But I’m only human, and I did. Hopes were sky-high. Seeing the negative test last night was harder than I expected. I did some… Continue Reading “Taking a deep breath”

Wordless Wednesday

I have been listening to this song on repeat lately … Sweet Dreamsby Jewel The shadows are waltzingThe moon beams are callingLike a dream I am falling intoSilver threads lined with two twinkling stars seemTo shine just for you Behind your eyesAre endless blue… Continue Reading “Wordless Wednesday”

Da da da da da da …

Every one in a while, I get little glimpses of the kind of mother I’m going to be. Singing, for example. I may love belting it out in the car, but I am a horrendous singer. However, I am constantly singing, rhyming, and telling… Continue Reading “Da da da da da da …”