How to support your friend who blogs

So you have this friend and they blog. You’re not completely sure why or how or if they make any money from it, but you try to be a good friend and read their blog.

(Your friend really appreciates it!)

But did you know there are so many OTHER really easy things you could do to support that friend who blogs? Ten things, in fact.

I decided to write this post not because I’m trying to give my own friends instructions (really!) but because I often will offer up a tidbit about what it’s like living in the blogosphere and my friends are like “REALLY? I didn’t know it helped if I commented on the Facebook post?!”

So here are some easy ways you can really, really HELP your friend / neighbour / relative who blogs

1. Like their* posts on Facebook.

No, not their status about it taking two hours to get home. Their bloggy posts!

It takes half a second to click “like” and you know what? It can make a HUGE difference. Because you clicking “like” might mean that your own Facebook friends (people who don’t follow the blogger or even know who they are) might see “Jane Smith liked a post by This Super Cool Blogger.” Those friends will be able to see the post (with the same photo/headline you saw) and they might decide to read it and like it, too. The blogger might even get a new follower!

*If they have a page for the blog, try to like THAT post — not the one they shared on their personal page. The more eyes on their “official” Facebook page, the better.

2. Leave a comment!

Facebook comments are great because other Facebookers can see them and it gets conversations — sometimes even debates! — going, which gets more eyes on the posts. It doesn’t have to be long or anything. Even a simple “Really enjoyed this!” means a lot, or a well-timed “Haha!”

Commenting on blog posts themselves is also nice because it’s “forever,” unlike a Facebook comment that will fade into the timeline sunset after a day. That blog post might go viral months or even years down the road, and it’s impressive to have a bunch of comments/questions below it.

3. Share/retweet their posts.

If you really enjoy a post or relate to something your friend has said, share that shiz!

Sharing a blogger’s posts is a HUGE high-five because it’s automatically going to put all of your Facebook friends’ eyes on it (whereas with a “like” it’s only a possibility that their friends will see it). Same with Twitter — everyone will see it. This is a great compliment to your blogger friend because sharing = caring.

4. Like/follow all of their accounts.

Never post on Twitter, but you have an account anyway? FOLLOW YOUR FRIEND! It won’t matter to you if you never use it, but it could really help them.

“Like” their page on Facebook and HIDE IT if you really have to, but at least it’s still “liked.” (And, come on, I’m sure you’re not really going to hide it, right?)

Bloggers need to hit certain numbers of followers in order for brands to consider them for paid campaigns and sponsored content, so numbers are very important!

5. Double-tab those Instas!

Every “like” is like giving the blogger a nice warm smile. They feel good when they see them roll in, and having a lot of likes on a photo can help them land more opportunities. Which brings me to my next point …

6. Pay special attention to anything sponsored.

Clients and brands really want to see interactions on a sponsored post, whether it’s a simple Tweet or Instagram photo or a blog post. If the blogger seems to have drummed up a lot of interest for their product or service, they’re more likely to hire that blogger again. Engagement is everything!

So enter the giveways. Like and comment on those posts. (“That looks great!” “Ooh, I want one!”) Your friend will appreciate it a lot.

7. Tag them!

Share the awesomeness of your blogger friend with someone else by tagging a friend beneath one of the blogger’s Instagram photo (“Hey @friend you would love this account!”) and maybe snagging them a shiny new follower.

Tag them on Twitter as you quote one of their tweets, and the retweets could turn into MANY new followers.

8. Pin their photos.

If your blogger friend is trying hard to make their content known on Pinterest (aren’t we all?) it helps a lot to pin their photos, tutorials, projects, designs, etc.

Go to their blog’s Pinterest account and look around for a minute. If you see something you like, pin it to your own board — making the pin appear in the timeline of everyone who follows you on Pinterest,

9. Support their advertisers.

Blog ads have special customized links so the advertiser knows exactly where their traffic is coming from (i.e. “Blog ABC sent us 4,618 new customers this year,” or “Wow, Blog ABC encouraged a lot of people to buy our scotch-guarded underwear!”). Every click counts.

Don’t go crazy clicking on every banner ad and affiliate link they have (you know, unless you want to?) but if you see something that interests you as you’re reading their posts, click it! They might not earn anything unless you make a purchase, but they might earn a little something (fractions of pennies) just because you clicked on it — you never know.

10. Tell them you enjoy their blog.

Even without a single click, you can make a blogger’s day by telling them what they’re doing matters. That you read it! That you liked it! That you laughed at the headline and maybe you didn’t get around to reading the full post yet, but you can’t wait to see down and read it.

Sometimes bloggers get so caught up in clicks and numbers and analytics that we forget about the real people in our lives who are regularly, quietly reading our work … and just not being public about it. When we hear from you, it makes our hearts grow three sizes. Thank you!

5 Comments on “How to support your friend who blogs

  1. This is 100% accurate!

    Just a teeny bit of encouragement can go a long way. I read so many blogs and share the bajoopees out of them.

    I wish other people would do the same. It takes only a few minutes to make someone's day with a like or a comment or a share. It *totally* makes your day, right?

    DO IT!

    Look! I just did it again. 😀


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