A very merry half-birthday

We started something new this week, and it’s celebrating half-birthdays!

It’s one of those things I always enjoyed seeing on other blogs and kept *meaning* to do. And then I’d remember, like, weeks after the kids’ half-birthdays had passed.

But then! I smartened up and put Oct. 25 and Dec. 6 in my Google calendar as The Official Half Birthdays.

So on Oct. 25, our beautiful girl turned four and a half, officially. And we had the neighbours over for Halloween-themed cupcakes, lovingly baked and decorated by these two.

Now D can’t wait until his half-birthday on Dec. 6 when he turns six and a half.

(It freaks me out that he’s going to be SEVEN in June, but I’ll try to ignore that fact for now.)

I joked to Darling Husband that I don’t think we’ll be celebrating our own half birthdays (which would be Feb. 13 and May 17, I guess?). Who wants to be like “Ooooh, I’m 33 1/2 now!”?

Half-birthdays. Highly recommend.


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