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Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge

Today marks the end of the third week in the fitness/weight loss challenge I’m participating in with my Zumba class. Here’s a quick rundown of how I’m doing: First week (September 10): I was down 2 lbs! (-2 lbs. total) Second week (September 17):… Continue Reading “Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge”

Five weight loss snacks that actually taste amazing

How’s the weight loss going, you ask? Darling Husband and I are still loving Weight Watchers Online, and are on track to reach our goals (his is going skydiving, mine is looking smokin’ hot). In the first three weeks on the program, I’ve lost… Continue Reading “Five weight loss snacks that actually taste amazing”

Paint a $3 welcome mat

Guys! I never got around to sharing last week’s DIY, so here it is — and it brought a really nice dessert because it felt bad for the lateness. So, without further ado (or dessert talk, because DID I MENTION I’M DOING ANOTHER FITNESS… Continue Reading “Paint a $3 welcome mat”