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Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge

Today marks the end of the third week in the fitness/weight loss challenge I’m participating in with my Zumba class. Here’s a quick rundown of how I’m doing: First week (September 10): I was down 2 lbs! (-2 lbs. total) Second week (September 17):… Continue Reading “Three weeks in | Weight Loss Challenge”

Paint a $3 welcome mat

Guys! I never got around to sharing last week’s DIY, so here it is — and it brought a really nice dessert because it felt bad for the lateness. So, without further ado (or dessert talk, because DID I MENTION I’M DOING ANOTHER FITNESS… Continue Reading “Paint a $3 welcome mat”

I’m missing nacho cheese crumbs already

I’ve never signed up for any kind of formal weight loss challenge before.  I’ve only ever attempted things on my own, and … that was really only … like once? If I’m only counting serious efforts? But thanks to my newfound love of Zumba, I’ve… Continue Reading “I’m missing nacho cheese crumbs already”