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The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives

How do you get three negative pregnancy tests in one month?A. You are impatient B. You love taking tests, so you jump at each chanceC. You are stubborn, and don’t believe tests (when they’re wrong)D. You have a stupid irregular cycle that confuses youE.… Continue Reading “The month of three (THREE!) big fat negatives”

You CAN go home again

Where the heck did the last two weeks go? Just over two weeks ago, our condo sale become official. Sorry for abandoning you guys as soon as I spilled the news! I got caught up in a crazy flurry of packing and organizing and… Continue Reading “You CAN go home again”

Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …

I’m so happy to announce that today we have a guest post from my fabulous friend, Lindsey, over at like a hamster on a wheel. Enjoy! I’ve been reading my friend Heather’s blog since the day she started it. I’m happy to say that we… Continue Reading “Guest post: When your baby hates bottles …”