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When your child sleepwalks

Let me tell y’all a funny story about sleepwalking.  (Yes, I’m a Southerner when I blog, despite living in cold-ass Nova Scotia.) I try not to (really) embarrass our kids with my writing (sort of) (most of the time) so I’ll keep this story… Continue Reading “When your child sleepwalks”

Why I hooked my kids on Little House on the Prairie

Why I hooked my kids on Little House on the Prairie {Heather's Handmade Life}

There’s been a lot of sickness in our house lately, and that means the TV has been on more than usual. One of our house rules is that the sickest person gets to choose the show, and sometimes that’s me. The kids know better… Continue Reading “Why I hooked my kids on Little House on the Prairie”

DIY tablet holders for the car

As much as I’d like to claim our kids are little angels on long car trips … they’re not. Even on the hour-long drive to Halifax, they whine and ask how much longer and decide they need to use the bathroom (they don’t) because… Continue Reading “DIY tablet holders for the car”

Half of my life

I was 16 when we officially became a couple on June 9, 2000 and 24 when we got married on June 9, 2008. Even I can do that math — eight years together before our wedding day, eight years since our wedding day, 16… Continue Reading “Half of my life”