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Taking the pressure out of summer

School’s out in about a month and that means we’ll have a little more than two months of summer stretching before us — a blank calendar without too many possibilities. It’s not just that there isn’t elementary school or preschool to keep us busy.… Continue Reading “Taking the pressure out of summer”

Five ways to prepare your child for Primary

Our daughter is all registered for primary in September and with that comes a flurry of meetings and orientation sessions for both of us. Even though I went through all of this two years ago with our son, I was surprised by a few… Continue Reading “Five ways to prepare your child for Primary”

Why too many days off school make me crazy

I’m almost positive my son and daughter attend Grade 1 and preschool, respectively. It’s just that for the last three or four weeks, they’ve barely gone. At least it feels that way, between flu bugs, coughs, snow days, labour action, holidays and more snow… Continue Reading “Why too many days off school make me crazy”