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Five photography tips for amateurs

I take a lot of photos. My iPhone recently hit the 10,000 mark and then decided it was time for me to make some room for more. But just because I take photos constantly — for the blog, for my parenting column, and especially… Continue Reading “Five photography tips for amateurs”

Happy Hysterectoversary

March 11 marked a year since I went into the hospital for a quickie day procedure (this, if you’re really curious). A year since I fell asleep chatting with a friendly nurse and woke up, hours later, in horrible pain and mumbling “I didn’t… Continue Reading “Happy Hysterectoversary”

DIY pincushions from repurposed items

You guys know I’m all about the big projects. We do a big project every single week, in fact. (Insert shameless plug for my weekly DIY column in the Chronicle Herald.)  But sometimes? Sometimes I get exhausted by the big ones and need to… Continue Reading “DIY pincushions from repurposed items”