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Weekly wrap-up: Barnboard + bubbles + birthday drama

What was I up to this week? You’ve come to the right place.  (Wait, you *weren’t* sitting there wondering about my week? Oh, sorry about that. Feel free to read a funny or embarrassing post instead if you’d rather.) Here we go …  SUNDAY… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Barnboard + bubbles + birthday drama”

Five on Friday: iPad edition

It looks like these list-y Friday posts are becoming quite the trend on the blogosphere, and even though I usually don’t follow trends until, like, five years after they stop being cool, I thought I would try it. The kids and I got the… Continue Reading “Five on Friday: iPad edition”

Hear a little, there a little

Today we’re off to the city to have D’s hearing tested — for the very first time since having his myringotomy surgery a few weeks ago. With his case, the gluey fluid in his ears was being suctioned out during the surgery, and then… Continue Reading “Hear a little, there a little”