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How to cook bacon in the oven

So this post has nothing to do with DIY projects or parenting, and everything to do with delicious, greasy bacon. We started cooking our bacon in the oven a couple of years ago, and we will NEVER go back to cooking it in a pan… Continue Reading “How to cook bacon in the oven”

Epic laundry room makeover

Thanks to Kent Building Supplies for providing us with the laundry cabinet for this room makeover. As always, all opinions and bumpy drywall jobs are my own. We gained an entire room in our house without building an addition (or kicking out one of… Continue Reading “Epic laundry room makeover”

These hands

Well, this “hand,” to be more exact. I’m afraid for it. I used to suspect I was getting carpal tunnel back when I worked full-time at the newspaper, but maybe that’s because so many editors were wearing those braces. I’m a bit of a… Continue Reading “These hands”