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DIY rainbow organization for craft supplies

The thing about having a hefty hoard of craft supplies and fabric is that even though everything will used to make some beautiful, it doesn’t always look good when it’s in the “ingredients” stage. For the past couple of years, I’ve tried to tame my stash and organize it in… Continue Reading “DIY rainbow organization for craft supplies”

Turning an old toybox into a rolling storage trunk

I had a fun mail delivery a few weeks back! I was lucky enough to get to try the Fusion Mineral Paint’s brand-new Tones for Tots line.  How cute, right?! My photo isn’t as nice. Notice the dented toybox in the background? Ah, blogging. … Continue Reading “Turning an old toybox into a rolling storage trunk”

Happy Hysterectoversary

March 11 marked a year since I went into the hospital for a quickie day procedure (this, if you’re really curious). A year since I fell asleep chatting with a friendly nurse and woke up, hours later, in horrible pain and mumbling “I didn’t… Continue Reading “Happy Hysterectoversary”