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When your baby’s not a baby anymore

Our babiest baby turned four on yesterday, but anyone we’ve ran into in the past few months already knows that. “My birf-day is April twenty-fifth — two five!” she’s been announcing proudly, just in case someone was unclear on the meaning of twenty-fifth. We’re… Continue Reading “When your baby’s not a baby anymore”

Easy-sew fleece facewarmer

The problem with little kids — well, one of the problems — is that you can’t put scarves on them without terrible fears of them hanging themselves accidentally on the monkey bars. (I know, right? They must have shown a scary video in school… Continue Reading “Easy-sew fleece facewarmer”

When moms become hoarders

I have hoarder tendencies, especially when it comes to our children. The sentimental side of me wants to preserve every piece of artwork, treasured board book, and precious teeny tiny shoe. These stripey sort-of-matching jammies! How can I part with youuuuuuuu? But I also… Continue Reading “When moms become hoarders”