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Five weird-but-awesome desk hacks

I had another post planned for today, Werk It Wednesday, but then I got a package in the mail and decided to change everything and write about a topic inspired by the delivery IMMEDIATELY! These desk hacks are not even specific to writers or… Continue Reading “Five weird-but-awesome desk hacks”

These hands

Well, this “hand,” to be more exact. I’m afraid for it. I used to suspect I was getting carpal tunnel back when I worked full-time at the newspaper, but maybe that’s because so many editors were wearing those braces. I’m a bit of a… Continue Reading “These hands”

How to work faster from home

How to work faster from home {Heather's Handmade Life}

Today I’ve got a few quick work-at-home tips for your non-procrastinating pleasure! Of course, these tips are also useful if you’re an in-a-real-office type who maybe doesn’t wear yoga pants and have semi-dressed children under your desk* but they’re especially important for those of… Continue Reading “How to work faster from home”

The childcare experiment

Last week, I was talking about the kids’ lack of napping and the unfavourable effects it was having on my freelance career. And my sanity. With Darling Husband working shift-work (relief shift-work, at that, which means there is no regularly or stability and nothing… Continue Reading “The childcare experiment”