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Babies and beverages

I have been thinking a lot lately about babies and beverages. The liquids they drink in this crucial first year seems to be one of the most CONSTANT things we think about and talk about, doesn’t it? Breast milk, formula, juice, water, cow’s milk,… Continue Reading “Babies and beverages”

Stain pain

I don’t plan on re-selling Baby Boy’s clothing like Kate Gosselin does (anything for a buck, I guess, although she could sell herself and I’d still be glued to that show). But you know what sucks? STAINS! I was so smug for the first… Continue Reading “Stain pain”

He works (too) hard for the money

So you all know about Darling Husband and two jobs and his habit of working constantly incessantly all the freaking time really, really hard? And how he was going to cut back when the baby arrived, so he could, like, get to know the… Continue Reading “He works (too) hard for the money”