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You CAN go home again

Where the heck did the last two weeks go? Just over two weeks ago, our condo sale become official. Sorry for abandoning you guys as soon as I spilled the news! I got caught up in a crazy flurry of packing and organizing and… Continue Reading “You CAN go home again”

The end of breastfeeding

I made it to the year mark! Golden Boobies, hollllllla! Of course, now that I have been breastfeeding for more than a full year (wow), I am definitely on board with weaning. Not to be judgey, because it’s a personal decision for everyone, but… Continue Reading “The end of breastfeeding”


I am drying up. Yes, it’s finally happening. The weaning. After almost one YEAR of breastfeeding (I’ll just hold for applause now, because damnit, I’ve earned it), my boobs are almost done being milkbags and will go back to just being funbags. I’m still… Continue Reading “Moooooooo”